Winnipeg Sod Installation Company

Types of Sod in Winnipeg

Mineral Soil Sod

Mineral sod is best suited for high traffic areas where medium to heavy traffic would be more common. It holds moisture well and due to it's dense soil base has high durability and great for back yards where people spend their times and kids run and play. It is used to install sports fields and public parks where it can withstand a beating and stay strong. 

If your family shares your sodded space with a lot of pets, Mineral Based Sod is more forgiving. 

Draw backs to mineral sod is it will never achieve the same deep green lush color as peat sod and tends to not appear as full or dense. As well the soil compacts into a firmer and more dense base, and therefor will not have the same pillow like feel when walking on it.

Peat Sod

Peat base sod means it is grown in peat moss soil instead of mineral soil. Peat Moss is an organic material that is used to enrich the soil and provides more nutrients. It is best suited for residential applications with light traffic and gets that dark lush color much easier. It has a nicer feel to the touch when walking on it and feels like a cushioned surface.

Draw backs to peat sod is it requires more maintenance than mineral based sod in the form of watering, fertilizer and tender loving care. Higher levels of fertilization application can result in thatch building up faster, likely requiring yearly Power Raking and Aeration.

Less recommended for spaces commonly used by numerous pets or kids for long periods of time. Due to it's lower density at base it cannot withstand high traffic over time.

Making The Best Choice

Most families choose Mineral Sod Sod for their space due to it's higher durability to wear and tear as well as it's higher water retention capabilities requires slightly less watering.

Choices for your Sod in Winnipeg should be based on your personal and family life style.