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1. Sod Installation Knowledge

Sod Companies in Winnipeg can and should be able to explain to you everything there is to know about sod and sod installation so that you can have the same amount of knowledge that they do so that you can make informed decisions on which Winnipeg Landscaping contractor you want to hire.

What you need to know about Sod Installation in Winnipeg:

  1. The types of soil available and how they affect your sod,
  2. The types of sod available, as well as the pros and cons of each type for your property and families needs,
  3. Your current grade and what it needs to be after installation for proper drainage,
  4. How tell if sod is installed properly,
  5. Sod maintenance immediately after and long term for continued success and a long term beautiful lawn. 

Ensure the company you call offers this information and is able to openly have a conversation about all the aspects of your project. A trusted Winnipeg Landscaping Contractor should know this information inside and out. With Imagine Lawns & Landscaping Ltd. we pride ourselves on ensuring our clients know as much about their sod and landscaping project as we do.

Landscaping your new or existing home is a large investment, and we focus our service around an interactive approach with our clients on a journey to getting you what you want, the way you want it, on time and on budget!

During our Customer Consultation Period we walk you through the materials, phases of installation, as well as the maintenance schedule, so you have the same knowledge we do about your sod. 

This stage will include all aspects of our company and service in relation to landscaping design, construction, installation and maintenance of your sod installation.

We explain thoroughly the difference between a successful and failing sod and plant install so you, the landscaping client, know that you are getting a quality product, a professional installation and insight into how to take care of it once we are done. Your Winnipeg Landscaping Project should be a professional experience, every time.

2. Attention To Detail

The difference between a successful Winnipeg Sod Installation and a failed project can be difficult to see, at first, if you do not know what your looking for. Our Landscaping Company painstakingly checks every joint in the sod, smooths every lump in the soil and fills every rut made by equipment through proper compaction. We pride ourselves on our finished product and strive to be Winnipeg's Best Sod Installation. Making sure our clients understand what a successful installation looks like is the only way to ensure they can be completely satisfied with the results of their Landscaping Project once we are done.

When you hire a Winnipeg Landscaping and Sod Company to provide you a professional landscaping service, you should expect a professional result, every time. We are proud of our work and want to ensure you are proud of the final result and have the outdoor living space you have dreamed of!

3. Quality Sod and Materials

Not all Sod is equal. Our Winnipeg Landscaping Company only installs freshly cut sod shipped directly from the sod farm to your front door. Its cut the morning of your project and will be installed that day to to ensure it does not dry out. 

To many companies get their sod from a local nursery or landscaping depot where the sod has been sitting on a pallet for awhile in the summer heat, drying out, becoming a home for rodents, and causing you to get an unsatisfactory product and subsequently a sub-par result. We ensure you get what you paid for. 

Not all soil is equal either and there are pros and cons to different types of soil when it comes to your sod installation and landscaping design. 

All soil will be of different mixture or combination of black soil, peat, manure, compost and sand. We make sure that we discuss soil mixtures with our clients so they understand the best choice for their yard. Whether you choose Peat Sod or Mineral Soil Sod will determine the type of mixture your soil should contain. 

4. Customer Service

In a competitive market place you can only thrive by making customers feel taken care of, informed, and satisfied. Our online platform is easy to use and we are in constant communication with our clients from the initial consultation phase through to completion, and beyond with ensuring the maintenance phase is going smoothly. 

We believe that having a business built around customer referrals means you are delivering to customers what they expect and deserve!

Check out our Google Reviews and see what our clients have to say about our work, customer service and final results! 

Choose the company that makes getting what you need easier than ever, on time and on budget!

Sod Installation in Winnipeg

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Professional Sod Installation and Landscaping in Winnipeg will bring life and beauty to your outdoor living space!

We specialize in helping clients increase the value and beauty of their homes by creating elegant outdoor living spaces with Professional Sod Installation Services in Winnipeg. 

We focus on our 6 Stage Customer Consultation Phase with our clients to create beautiful landscaping designs in either your front yard, back yard or any other area surrounding your home. The combination of colorful mulch, designer rocks and perennials that surround your vibrant fresh new sod will rejuvenate any property.

Our ultimate goal is to provide the best sod installation in Winnipeg and ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end result of your landscaping project. Results are everything!

Winnipeg Sod Company and landscaping in Winnipeg services for new homes and residential properties.

Winnipeg Sod Installation Details

Our company takes pride in providing the Best Sod Installation in Winnipeg. We do so by paying special attention to the details of every project and following a 6 Stage Installation Process and a 6 Stage Customer Consultation Process which creates a premium service every client can be proud of.

When it comes to Sod Installation, patience is a virtue, and we ensure the following is done with great care:

  • Create a level and pristine surface
  • Check every joint in your new sod for proper contact with the soil, 
  • Ensure starter fertilizer is evenly dispersed, 
  • Make sure all surrounding landscaping is installed to the right size and depth. 
  • The perennials or trees are the right fit and size for your property,
  • Time is dedicated to a proper cleanup.

Our goal is to enhance the exterior of your home, raise your property value, and beautify your whole neighborhood with our Professional Sod Installation in Winnipeg and Landscaping Services.

Sod Installation in Winnipeg. Winnipeg Sod Company. Landscaping in Winnipeg.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our priority and we strive to provide a service and design that our customers are proud of.  We are in constant contact with our clients from the Consultation Phase, through the Steps of Installation, Final Walk-Through  and Maintenance.

We use this process to guarantee that the project is completed according to your preferences, you understand the stages of installation and how to maintain it once were done. 

When the customer and contractor communicate effectively, every project is a success and is completed on time and on budget!

Landscaping in Winnipeg, boulders, rock and sod. Sod installation by professional winnipeg landscape

Landscaping in Winnipeg Made Easy!

Landscaping Company in Winnipeg

Creating a luxurious yard takes time and planning. We specialize in creating the designs you are looking for from the ground up. If your planning the landscaping for your new home give us a call to start your design today!

Landscaping Companies in Winnipeg - What WE offer our Winnipeg clients:

  1. Customer Consultation's where we walk through all the aspects of your project so you understand the materials, logistics, timeline, budget and process of installation so you are fully informed to make your choice.
  2. Product Images so you see what your getting so you know it's the right choice for you and your property.
  3. Blueprint layouts of your project so you can see the options you have to choose from and the different ways you can design your yard.
  4. Materials and product options are endless, we are not a cookie cutter service and aim to provide  you with unique designs, every time!

Boutique Landscaping

We specialize in providing our clients with an interactive and boutique approach to designing your new yard. 

Our process of Landscaping and Customer service offers constant communication with our clients through the planning stage with product images and blueprints so you can rest assured you are getting what you want!

Landscaping can be a large investment, and we believe in providing  an environment to build trust and results!

Winnipeg Lawn Care & Sod Maintenance

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