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Landscaping in Winnipeg with Sod Installation

At Imagine Lawns & Landscaping Ltd we want to bring life and vibrancy to your front or back yard living spaces by creating unique and personal design features using a variety of materials and methods. Our services focus on identifying your budget and designing a blueprint to fit your vision and property.

During our initial Landscaping Consultation we want to identify the following:

  • Budget
  • Ideas and Vision
  • Materials
  • Scope and Logistics
  • Timeline
  • Post Completion Maintenance 

We ensure that our clients are fully informed and fully integrated in our design process from start to finish. By identifying a clients budget, and understanding their vision for their project, client and contractor together can design almost's a two way street that creates a successful landscaping project. By being upfront with the budget, each properties logistics, and the scope of what goes into building their landscaping idea, we can work with different materials in different ways to make a clients dream living space come to life.

Call us today to begin taking your idea and making it come alive!

Landscaping Winnipeg with Sod Installation. Boulders, Rock and Mulch Design with Perennials.

Landscaping Winnipeg with Sod Installation. Boulders, Rock and Mulch Design with Perennials.

Sod Landscaping in Winnipeg

Day of Sod Installation

3 Weeks After Sod Installation

3 Weeks After Sod Installation

Winnipeg Sod Installation done by a Winnipeg Landscaper with soil and turf knowledge. Sod cutter.

A successful Sod Installation in Winnipeg takes knowledge of turf, weather, grade, materials, but most of all, compassion for the industry and attention to detail to ensure every customer gets what they pay for......a beautiful knew yard they know will grow and thrive!

The yard above was in horrible shape when we arrived. It was over grown with weeds, massive bare spots and was unsalvageable to the point that over-seeding and top dressing would take months if not years and the client wanted a new lawn right away. The grade  was going in the wrong direction and was washing ground water towards the house and needed to be fixed immediately. 

The lawn was unlevel and needed a bit of sprucing up. We cut back some perennials and over grown shrubs, installed some new trees, hostas and brown mulch for a beautiful new feature.

3 Weeks After Sod Installation

3 Weeks After Sod Installation

3 Weeks After Sod Installation

Winnipeg Sod Installation. Soil and Fertilization make good sod grow in your lawn.

Winnipeg Sod Installations take 5 very simple steps to ensure your sod survives:

  1. Ensure to prep the area with 4" of nutrient rich soil so your new sod has room to grow and root properly.
  2. Starter Fertilizer with a balanced mix to provide the right nutrient base and give your new lawn a boost to success.
  3. The soil is rolled and smoothed prior to installation so that the sod can meld to the ground evenly without ruts and humps. This clean and smooth contact is paramount to proper rooting. Sprinkle the soil with water so it's ready.
  4. Position and roll out your sod in place and ensure that each row is offset from the parallel rows so that no seems line up to prevent excess evaporation and water flow.
  5. Nourish your new lawn with a consistent watering schedule in the morning and night for approximately 20 minutes to ensure proper hydration.
  6. Fertilization approximately 4 weeks after install to enhance the growing cycle. 

Winnipeg Sod Installation - 6 Stages of Every Project

Winnipeg Landscaping. Sod Installation in Winnipeg.

Demolition and Turf Removal

Making sure the prep work is done before any landscaping materials arrive is paramount to a successful sod installation. Any number of methods can be used to excavate your old landscaping and turf depending on the layout of your property, and where on your property the project is taking place. Whether you are renovating a small area, or the design landscaping your entire yard, care and patience is used with our equipment to ensure only the areas needing removal are affected. 

Depending on the logistics of your property, the old turf is removed either by skid steer, sod cutter or old fashioned tiller and wheel barrow. Whatever the case, the end result will be the same, a blank canvas for your new sod and landscaping will be created.

To many landscaping companies cut corners and attempt to lay new soil and sod  ove-top of improperly tilled and partially removed turf, in an attempt to offer a cheaper price........ If done, it will not live. 

The heat generated from the decaying grass underneath the new materials will burn through your sod in no time. Even with an extra few inches of soil, the heat generated disrupts and ruins the ability of the new sod to grow. It's faster, and cheaper, and also a good way to throw away all your money because the sod will, without a doubt, not survive.

Determine The Grade of your Property

Once the excavation of the turf is complete our landscapers must then determine the appropriate grade of your project area. Buildings and structures must be accounted for, as well as patios and walk ways. Most properties present layout challanges that may be unavoidable but as part of our consultation and logistics planning, we will explain which areas must go up and which areas must go down to help assist in keeping water running in the right direction. 

Preparing The Soil For Sod Installation

Premium quality top soil is necessary to give your new sod the base it needs to thrive and flourish. Ensuring you have at 2"-3" of high quality top soil is required to build that base properly. 

Top quality top soil contains high amounts of Peat Moss. Peat provides the organic base necessary to provide nutrients and retain moisture to help sod remain at it's peak growing condition. Most sod installations are done with Peat Sod, so using a high quality soil is creating a base to transplant freshly harvested roots back into the exact same soil they were removed from. 

The soil must be loosely packed so it's flat and flush, but as well not to dense. Soil that is packed to densely will not allow the roots of the sod to penetrate the ground and grow efficiently. Getting this step wrong can derail a successful installation preventing the grass from growing efficiently. 

This is a step of the process commonly rushed by inexperienced landscapers, or landscaping companies specifically that don't have the long term results of the customer or success of the project as their main goal. It is unfortunately seen far to often by contractors focused on quantity over quality. 

Once you have your soil at the appropriate depth for your project, getting it flat and flush is painstaking, but requires patience and is 100% necessary. Soil that is not flat and flush, where uneven areas with pot holes and lumps can be seen, will also be seen forever once the sod it's laid. Taking the time to smooth it out, and get it to the right density with a sod roller takes time and effort, but the results are forever, and make what your paying for all that much more worth it. 

Once it's flat, flush, and rolled to the correct density,  spreading "Starter Fertilizer" prior to install is 100% necessary to give your new lawn the boost it needs to root quickly and flourish in our hot arid Winnipeg climate.

Landscaping Logistics

Sod arrives from the suppliers on pallets that contain 70 rolls *700 square feet) of sod. On average it takes an installer approximately 2 hours to lay 700 square feet of sod, which does not include periodic watering on hot days, and cutting the edges around driveways and sidewalks. Planning how long it will take to lay the sod for your yard is key to planning your delivery appropriately to avoid any unnecessary exposure to the heat. 

For large projects in Winnipeg, requiring 3,000 sq/ft of sod or more, multiple deliveries could be required to ensure your sod is not exposed to prolonged periods of summer heat, and lack of water, while it's sitting on a wallet, waiting to be installed. 

Most landscaping projects require more than one material which means multiple deliveries from possibly multiple companies. Choosing a Winnipeg Landcaper that has those deliveries planned out as to not affect or interfere with your families living, parking or general enjoyment of your space is an important consideration.  

Sod Installation

We ensure our customers only receive freshly cut sod from that morning, delivered straight from the farm to your front door, and installed that day.  Unlike other companies, we don't get our sod from a local nursery or landscaping depot where it's been sitting on a pallet and drying out, and half ripped or torn by rodents. 

We use over-sized 7'x2' rolls of Peat Sod directly from the supplier. This over-sized 14 sq/ft roll creates a luxurious and professional look due to having less joints over the square footage of your yard. the less joints, the less moisture evaporation that can take place resulting in a more efficient water retention surface.

Laying sod correctly requires attention to detail and patients. We focus on making sure the process done right the first time by checking every seam, flattening ever edge and making sure the cuts are flush with all surround sidewalks and driveways. 

Landscaping Walk Through

Once the work is done, we do not want to leave your property until we know that you are completely satisfied with the results. Every landscaping project has numerous components to it and each one must be addressed to ensure it was done the way it was expected by you, the client. 

At Imagine Lawns & Landscaping Ltd. we put great emphasis on making sure that we capture your vision in every landscaping project and sod installation we complete. From the initial proposal to the final walk through, we are determined to provide outstanding customer service and customer satisfaction.